About Best Cooks Secrets

While growing up my family was very frugal when it came to anything they participated in.  My dad was, and is conservative and cleanly.   He wouldn’t cheap out at every turn, but if you were to walk around town with him and there was a penny laying on the floor he would pick it up %100 of the time.  He also has owned the same mangy winter coat for the good part of 35 years.  I don’t think this as being cheap,  I think he just knew when and on what to spend his money on. His priorities with money have always been on a fixed track, and this has paid off for him.  His conservative ways have built him a comfy nest egg when he and my mother retire.

This mind-set that my father has had my whole life has rubbed off on me. There are only a few occasions I will buy something brand new.  I don’t have a coat that’s as old as sin, and I still can’t bring myself to pick up change from the ground when I see it.  But, I work hard in the kitchen to make healthy cheap food that I can be proud of and save money on. I have had months where my food budget is less then $50.  Like my pops, I splurge on occasion. I would like keep the habits that work, and pass them along to my readers.

This site is dedicated to cooking secrets to save time and money in the kitchen.