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Oenology is the study of wine, and can spill into lots of different fields; it can encompass geography, geology, meteorology, and history.  Learning about wine can seem like an impossible task, and leave most wondering where to begin.  Lucky for me I work at a wine shop. So everyday I’m exposed to new wines, new regions, and general wine information.  When I first started learning about wine, I was immediately attracted to the wines with the most flavor and character, so I drank burly red wines from California.  Also, I didn’t quite understand the difference between California and French wines.  I drank my way through Napa and Sonoma, then through Brordeaux and Rhone.  I realized most Californian wines are like lifted trucks, and French wines are like a guy in a tuxedo.  Californian wines are usually loud and in your face, but make it easy to pick out distinct flavors so you can recognize them down the line.  The French wines are a little more subtle.

My favorite aspect of French wine is the fact that they have been at it for so long.  They have found pips in Marsellille that are 2600 years old, and they could have been growing wine for even longer then that.  They know what they are doing over there.

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