BBQ Bliss

Sometimes its tough to look yourself in the mirror and objectively analyze the person staring back at you.  So me and my girlfriend have been articulation our thoughts in blog form. To help focus our writing, we have been holding weekly mastermind groups with each other.  Last week we sat down and made kind of a vision board, to help each other find exactly we want to write about. I found the idea through one of my favorite podcasts, Smart Passive Income (SPI) with Pat Flynn.  If your a aspiring entrepreneur and you haven’t heard of this podcast, go and listen to it.

The vision board was a picture representation of what our business would look and. I put a heart in the middle to represent my business.  Next I started adding pictures or writings that represented me.  For mine I had my favorite colors, red and black, and favorite pass times, barbecuing. I had lots of other things on there, but I wanted to find the things that would make me money and be my passion, and maybe combinations of a couple.mind-map

This really helped me visualize what I really cared about.  In SPI Pat talks a lot about finding your niche, and aligning that niche with your passion. My “passion,” was very eluding to me.  I mean for Priscilla (my girlfriend) it was obvious what her passion was and what direction she should go.  She can pair being a mom with any of the other ideas she had on her board, so she was easy.

I knew my passion was cooking… I knew that was my direction, but just cooking was way to broad.  For a idea to be defined as a niche it needs to be specific, and cooking is  very broad.  So barbecue was the next closest passion to cooking.

Please tell me what you think in the comment section.  If you know any good sites for Barbecue then let me know.  Also thank you for visiting, and please like right below.



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