Stream Of Consciousness

I have an exercise. It called for me to write about what ever comes to mind. For 20 minuets. Then post it.  I guess it’s a exercise to get warmed up to the fact that I need to write everyday to be a good writer.  In “On Writing Well,” William Zinsser says that writing is %80 is rewriting or editing and %20 is actually writing. This wont be that, there will be very little editing.  But, I like this idea because it seems to hold truth to it.  Nothing in life is just the fun part of the “thing”. Take surfing is %80 paddling and %20 actually getting the wave… if that. Yet all the prestige is held in catching the wave. There are many things in life that could match the good ole “80/20 rule.”   %80 gritty hard (often thankless) work, and %20 glory, fame yada yada.  For me its writing. At least now.  My goal? Write a book, at least an e-book. Thats where this post comes in.


I need to get into the habit of writing more posts.  But I would like it to be good writing.  I guess I can explain it like this.  I like to talk.  Its way more comfortable for me to talk about a subject then write about it.  But my talking sounds somewhat, idiotic.  I would much rather dictate. If I did that then my writing would read just like my speech, idiotic. And thats not the best way to write.  If I was great at writing, I would, in turn, be great at talking.  On my way to bookdom I would like to segway into podcasting.  This path would probably help people find my book/ebook, through my (by then) blog audience.  Podcasting would be more “me.” I wonder what 80/20 would refer to in podcasting? Probably editing, but I have never podcasted so I wouldn’t know. Either way that is my path.

When I first started this and my other blog my goal was to slowly create a brand and eventually make a product behind that brand, blah blah blah.  Get rich. That was my plan. Still is, eventually.  I’m interested in something that interests me, however.  Food has been my “shit” my whole life.  I’ve cooked, I’ve served (still do), I’ve managed, I’ve even washed dishes.  My question to myself in the “I want to do something interesting” handbook, had to be, what can I do with food that makes money?  I hear ya…. OPEN A RESTAURANT…. to that I respond ….SCREW THAT.   I don’t mind working in a restaurant. but the margins suck. The staffing sucks.  The guests usually have just as stinky opinions as their butts.  So what interests me beyond being a restaurateur? Stories.

Stories are a way to connect with people. If you’ve heard of radio lab podcast, you would know that they tell a mean story. But they are stories with themes.  I would like to do that… with chefs.  How cool would that be to just write about chef stories? But this would require lots of interviews, research, and yup you guessed it… writing.  That is what I’m going to do. In Best Cooks Secrets I will interview chefs and tell their stories on my blog. Wish me luck


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