The Passionate Chef; Third Corner Ocean Beach, CA

Chef Juan Flores is known for his passionate style. He shows this emotion in his carefully crafted French dishes at 3rd Corner Bistro and Wine Shop in Ocean Beach, CA.  He has been cooking classic French recipes at Third Corner ever since he apprenticed with Marcel Perrin, a French chef.

During WWII, despite not being of Jewish decent, Marcel was captured by the Nazi’s. Marcel used his knowledge of baking from his family’s bakery, and started cooking at the concentration camp. After some time, he was asked by one of the Nazi generals to cook for a party.  When he returned he saw all the other bakers had been shot dead.  He continued baking in the camp until the end of the war when he was finally rescued by the U.S. Marines and taken to the San Fransisco where he continued his cooking. Later he moved to San Diego, where he lives today.  At the time of writing this Marcel is still alive and is 97 years old. Chef Juan goes to his house every other day to cook and care for him. Juan studied under Marcel for 13 years and he taught him everything Juan knows, including the best secrets to cooking with different forms of alcohol.

At Third Corner Chef Juan exercises his culinary muscle with full flavored recipes.  Juan uses alcohol to his advantage in his sauces, marinades, and stocks. He also enjoys the occasional glass for himself.  My favorite is his lemon berre blanc that he uses on his Day Boat Scallops. This a simple recipe that is essentially white wine and butter, a staple in many of his dishes.

Alcohol can grease the timid into a interesting conversation, but in cooking it can liven up a dish. And chef Juan knows this.  So if your ever in the neighborhood, check out Third Corner. Taste the flavors that stem from a history of passionate cooking.


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