Cast Iron Cookware; 3 Reasons to Switch

Every cook worth their salt should own at least one cast iron skillet.  This powerful weapon could win many culinary battles, and is a key tool in a chefs arsenal. For all its magnificence, its true that  many people have no idea why this cookware of the gods should be revered. These durable pots and pans can last a life time, give a cook a great natural cooking option, and the best part, they only get better with use.   Now adjust your bifocals and follow the 3 reasons to to switch to cast iron cookware.

  1. Cast iron one tough puppy.  Hands down the strongest cookware on the market.  Just picking up a skillet will show you the strength of these guys.  Even the rustiest, dirtiest, old pan can be washed and made a new in no time says Jessica Faulds in her post on Cottage Life. All you will need in a little elbow grease to bring an old unused pan back from the dead. There is a great video that tasty did on how to clean, and season an old one below.  I like to buy my cast iron at swap meets and yard sales.  You can get the best deals on these some decrepit looking pans.  They may look like they have no hope but these are the cooks best friend, just waiting to be brought home and loved.

2. Cast iron pans have the ability to harbor one of the most non stick surfaces in cooking, with out the Teflon. According to Dr. Frank Lipman, Teflon, convenient as they are, non-stick can release toxic fumes when the heat gets too high, letting chemical particles fly through your kitchen and into anyone in the vicinity. So, for your own safety and just for an excuse to own one of the best cooking vessels, switch to cast iron.  Anyone trying to live a natural lifestyle might benefit from cast iron. Added bonus they add iron to your diet as well.

3. Probably the best reason to acquire a cast iron arsenal would be because they get better the more you use it.  Every time you cook something with your cast iron the oils create a thicker polymer coat on the face of the pan.  The best use would be searing meats.  Meats have fat that will ooze out when the meat is cooked and this fat will stick to the porous surface of the pan.  As long as you clean and oil you pan after use this cooking buddy should last you a life time.

Conclusion: Every chef, home cook, college student, bachelor, home maker and blogger should own at least one cast iron skillet.  The battle for great food secrets can only be won with a great tool such as cast iron.  Now that we learned ourselves on how to use em lets go out and get em. These durable pots and pans can last a life time.  They give us a natural cookware option and only get better with age.  If you like this post please share with everyone you possibly can, and don’t forget to check out some of my other posts, like how to butcher a chicken.


For some great recipes using cast iron click here!


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