Goals and Strategy

Goals, accomplishments, trophies, objectives, and dreams, these things are sought after desires that people work towards.  There are many different strategies that people use to achieve their particular targets, and everyone has a different evaluation of what their goals may be.  However, some methods work more effectively then others.  For our purpose on Best Cooks Secrets, our goals would have to be updated weekly.  The best goals are restricted by time, are unambiguous, and measurable.  So every week we will write increasingly challenging obtainable goals.

Goals need to hold more of a challenge then the previous goals, but still be obtainable.

Last weeks goals were to achieve 50 views for one post.  The highest reached was 27 on Feb. 2nd.

This week will be to focus on content.  Make sure every detail is taken into account.

My goals need to be updated every week. Therefore, I need to write twice every week.  On Mondays I will write about cooking secrets, and on Fridays will be my updated goals.

Mondays and Fridays are days that I will have the house to myself (besides my son). This fact will be taken advantage of to utilize a healthy writing atmosphere.

This week all focus will be on content. On every subject I write about, there will be research done as to who has the best, and most shared content at the moment and out perform them. To accomplish this goal I will use the site buzz sumo to search the related topic, read the top 5 and see what they all have in common and use that to my advantage.

With the many interpretations of desired goals, its easy to lose sight of your targets if there is no strategy set up to help accomplish those goals. Our strategy will be to update these update these goals weekly with a gradual incline in difficulty, also to write a post every week (even if the posts are short).


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