The Best Way to Save Money on Quality Chicken

When eating chicken the best bang for your buck is a whole chicken.  A whole chicken offers you all the flavor stored up in twhole_newhe bones.  In addition to saving money on chicken you get to butcher the bird yourself, which is bragging rights in itself.  In my opinion the best deal you can get as far as fresh and affordable, is a whole bird.

Chickiddy Check your Chicken

First you will need a good quality chicken.   When you are looking for a chicken in the store,  search for a one with yellowish skin. The yellow color indicates the chicken had a nice fatty diet. usually from marigold pedals or corn. Also, if the meat on the chicken is a dark color the its usually an indication of an older bird, which is no good.  Another thing to look out for is if the chicken is soft or mushy.   This means its been sitting in its juices on the shelf for to long. Seeing as fresher is better, we don’t want our chicken to be mushy.  Furthermore, the chicken shouldn’t smell  or look all around funky. Fresh chicken shouldn’t have much of a smell at all.  Always check the sell by or freeze by date on the package.

Chicken with Class

The different sizes of chicken tell you what classification it is. A game hen is just a very young chicken weighing less than 2 pounds. A fryer or broiler is only 7 to 10 weeks old, they yield tender, mildly flavored meat and are best when (hence the name) broiled or fried. A roaster is between 8 and 12 weeks old and weighs 5 pounds or more. The best chicken for everyday use is the broiler chicken.

The best chickens, as far as taste, are the USDA certified organic guys.  This designation means the chickens have eaten organic feed free of pesticides and antibiotics, had outdoor access, and were processed in organic slaughterhouses.  These chickens usually are more tender, juicer, and just have the happy chicken taste.

Well, hope this helped with your chicken shopping needs!



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